We have been dealing with steel products for a number of years.

We specialize in the production of:

  • gratings
  • stair treads
  • steel constructions

Our products are highly admired and of very good quality.

We specialise in selling:

// Shotblasting chambers
  • A shotblasting chamber is designed for cleaning surfaces made of steel. As a cleaning agent we use cast steel sharp edge shot grit, aluminum oxide or glass beads. Our shotblasting cabins make it possible to clean the surface up to Sa3 class. Depending on the used granulation and the type of the cleaning agent surface roughness can be regulated from 20 to 150µm (Rz)
  • How does it work? The abrasive is picked from the floor mechanically and put to the pit. That makes the breaks in cleaning shorter and diminishes the amount of grit that is necessary. The system of horizontal transportation (slat conveyor) transports the grit to the pit, where it is taken up by the bucket elevator, moved to the abrasive separator, where the grit is separated and cleaned. The separator is installed on the container.
  • The cleaning device is covered with grit automatically during the work breaks (the RLX-III switch). When the operator of the machine wants to start the cleaning process, the RLX-III switch must be used.
  • The cabin is ventilated with the use of air circulation and the so called “air piston”, which makes it possible to save energy during the process. The polluted air taken out from the shotblasting chamber is cleaned with the use of dry filters. Then it can be put back to the chamber. The contents of particulates in the cleaned air is less than 5mg/m3.
// Spray booths
  • A spray booth is a complex device in which the process of applying paint coating on separate positions is conducted. Spray booth equipment, such as painting units and lighting must be chosen properly, in order to provide proper conditions for workers, as well as for applying paint coating.
  • How does in work? After putting all the elements in the workplace, the gate is closed and the heating and ventilating unit is run. Fresh air is transferred inside by the air inlet, filtered by the coarse filter and then heated on the water exchanger. It is possible to set any chosen temperature in the booth, from the range of 18-24oC. The system automatically holds this temperature. The air moves through the whole booth, transporting paint leftovers to the filtrating mats.
  • The air movement is provoked by the suction fan. Air which is polluted by the solvent gasses is evacuated through the roof hoods. Ventilating process doesn’t generate dust emission to the atmosphere. The second ventilating agent is the sucked fresh air, which is transmitted to the workplace after going through the cross heat exchanger and filters.
  • The spray booth in order to provide proper working conditions is equipped with filtering systems – filtrating mats, labyrinth filters and pocket filters.
  • Our mechanic ventilating system provides proper working conditions for the painters It provides accurate visibility, working temperature, and above all, it meets the requirements of environmental protection, by keeping the pollution level low.

We guarantee quality assurance and all the necessary certificates. Details concerning delivery terms, payment conditions and prices will be given in response to a specific enquiry.

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