We produce gratings in accordance with DIN 24537 standard and we use hot dip galvanising method in accordance with EN ISO 14 61 (DIN 50976) standard to protect steel products from corrosion.

// Our products can be used in a variety of ways:
    We walk on the gratings as they are components of catwalks in industrial plants and in gantry cranes. They are parts of communicative catwalks next to pipelines and various tanks and they are also used for making footbridges and pavements. Gratings cover ditches and manholes so without them we wouldn' t be protected from misadventures.
    Gratings can also be used as unique decorative elements or parts of scenography in cultural events of any type (indoor as well as outdoor). They are used for making scenes, landings, catwalks, elevation components etc.
    We walk on the gratings up and down, as they are parts of various stairways. Therefore, they are components of industrial, straight, spiral, short and long stairs.

Our company offers a wide range of sizes and rich variety of shapes of gratings.

When it comes to production engineering and workmanship, we can offer two types of gratings:

  • Welded steel bar gratings
  • Press-locked steel bar gratings