// How to order gratings ?

Please, use the symbols given below to correctly order gratings.

Type of steel bar grating (stair tread):

  • KOZ - framed welded grating
  • KNZ - non-framed welded grating
  • KOP - press-locked grating
  • SOZ - welded stair tread
  • SOP - press-locked stair tread
  • X-KOZ - framed serrated grating (anti-skid)
  • X-KNZ - non-framed serrated grating (anti-skid)
  • X-SOZ - serrated welded stair tread (anti-skid)
  • X-SOP - serrated press-locked stair tread (anti-skid)

This is an example of using the symbols to properly order gratings:

KOZ/34X38/30X3/L=950 B=1000 SZT.50 OC


  • KOZ - stands for the type of grating
  • 34x38 is the size of the mesh
  • 30x3 is the type of the bearing bar
  • L=950 - is the length of the bearing bar
  • B=1000 - is the length of the bar that joins the gratings together
  • Szt.50 is the number of items we want to order
  • OC stands for corrosion protection (hot-dip galvanising)